Sunday, April 26, 2009

Read a good book lately?

Some books really put us into the writer’s world -- when we put them down we have a different perspective than when we started. Sometimes we find our own world captured in the pages. Have you ever thought, “This describes my family!” or “Those could be my friends!” We want to highlight books that like that in the City College library collections and get more of them. Please tell us about books that open up our cultural experiences on any subject, including memoirs and fiction. Contact Karen Saginor 415-452-5522

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  1. I read a book called Minka, My Farmhouse in Japan recently. Written by John Roderick. It's about the experience of a journalist living in Japan who in the 1950's was able to purchase 250 year old "Minka" for $14.00 due to the kindness of a Japanese friend. He learned a lot about himself and about the Japanese as he spent probably the rest of his life restoring the Minka to its former glory.